Det Kongelige Kjøbenhavnske Skydeselskab og Danske Broderskab, 2010

Elizabeth's design and completion of the wooden shield (skive) for Kenneth P. Luciani, founder of Baresso Coffee,  for acceptance into The Royal Copenhagen Shooting Club and Danish Brotherhood at the gala event at the historic Sølyst site, 22nd September, 2010.

Below are the original sketches by Elizabeth, followed by a complicated process of drawing, silk print, acrylic and finally oil painting, which she completed during her summer stay in Denmark.

The four elements are embedded in a cup, symbolizing K.P. Luciani's business to share the coffee experience cup by cup.


The elements of the shield as described by Kenneth P. Luciani:

  • The red Baresso logo Flame being the centerpiece (this illustrates Passion and the need to burn for and drive a cause)
  • Possibly within the flame, an illustration of my belief in making decisions with “heart and brain”
  • Three small illustrations i.e. symbols of what means a lot to me:
    • At the bottom/The foundation i.e. South of the shield. Family (male & female/Ying & Yang) i.e. Inger and I, Mark & Lisa the need for a Masculine and Feminine approach to life.
    • East of the shield: Business could be symbolized with a coffee bean/shooting coffee tree
    • West of the shield: Global Friends and the need for an international outlook.  This could be symbolized with a small globe.