As Eye Am@La Lanta Fine Art Gallery 2011

Bangkok Post introduction to the exhibition.

The Eyes tell the Story

Celebrated artist Elizabeth Romhild will showcase her new paintings in "As Eye Am" at La Lanta fine art  from tomorrow until Feb 23. In this exhibition the Thailand based Danish artist turns her gaze away from the external subjects of her past work and focuses her attention on the inspirational calls within herself.

A parallel thought to the proverbial windows to the soul she gazes back into herself. These eyes, whether open in contemplation or closed in meditation, are the mirrors in which the observers can see their own souls reflected.

This exhibition sees Romhild challenging herself by exploring new palettes of subdued oil while teasing eroticism with varying degrees of abstraction. In her long artistic career, she has continued to defy boundaries with a body of work that reflects her quest for self discovery.



Photos from the opening of the exhibition on 11 - 1 - 11 @ La Lanta Fine Art Gallery, presided over by H.E. Mikael Hemniti Winther, Ambassador of Denmark to Thailand.